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Shop huge inventory of Swarovski Crystal - 2018/01/04 17:53 When the going gets tough and the world takes on an aura of uncertainty, a palpable desire to dance it all away comes to the fore. Design takes on a light-hearted character, veering toward fun and laughter. Fashion looks feature vintage glamour and rebellious eccentricity in a kind of homage to the previously troubled times of the 1920s and 30s, when a resolutely devil-may-care party spirit was maintained even as the world was falling apart. cheap swarovski jewellery uk’s Jewel Cut Flat Backs, including the Pear Flat Back, Emerald Cut Flat Back and Marquise flat Back, along with the Trilliant Sew-on Stone, play to this mood.
The swarovski clearance outlet uk’ elegant shapes and gem-like colors make them lavish embellishments for accessories, textiles, dancesport, interiors, and even electronics. Jewel-inspired and premium looking, each Jewel Cut Flat Back crystal comes in Crystal, eight colors, three effects, and two sizes: 8mm (available in packing units of 144 pcs) and 14mm (packing units of 72 pcs). As with all Swarovski Flat Back articles, Jewel Cut Flat Backs come in Hotfix and No Hotfix versions. The No Hotfix article can be applied to different materials using standard glues or simply set into Ceralun, Swarovski’s ceramic epoxy composite.
The ultra-glamorous, lightweight, and high-brilliance Trilliant Sew-on Stone has a classic gemstone-inspired shape and cut. With swarovski rings uk sale three holes, it can be hand-sewn or applied using wirework, threading, or similar techniques, making it well suited to embroidery work. In addition to Crystal, it comes in eight colors and three effects, and goes beautifully with the Flat Back Jewel Cut family and other Sew-on Stones for segments such as footwear, accessories, womenswear and dancesport. Three sizes—16mm (available in packing units of 24 pcs), 20mm (packing units of 15 pcs), and 28mm (packing units of 8 pcs)—give Trilliant Sew-on Stones versatility, making them perfect for use in a wide variety of opulent patterns.
When Jewel Cut Flat Back Hotfix articles or swarovski crystal earrings uk are used on textiles, wash by hand or have it professionally cleaned at 30°C maximum. Avoid using chlorine bleach and don’t tumble-dry or iron. Dry-cleaning is possible using perchlorethylene or hydrocarbon, but turn inside out first. Kindly consult the Application Manual for detailed information on how to achieve the best results. There are customized options available—please check the Customized Catalog.
Made according to Swarovski’s exceptional lead-free Advanced Crystal formula, the swarovski necklace uk sale has a classic, symmetrical lemon silhouette.As our increasingly digital world fuels a growing desire for a deeper, more meaningful connection with nature, bold new impressions are formed when technology and the natural world merge. This mood has stimulated a trend for heightened and emotionally compelling shapes, colors, and constructions. The real fuses with the imaginary; organic forms appear in synthetic colors; surfaces feel super-tactile; the whole effect is vividly trans-natural.
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